White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece with J. Marsha Michler

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White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece with J. Marsha Michler will retire on December 31, 2023

White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece

Make a beautiful crazy quilted wall hanging!

On our Group Correspondence Course White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece you will make a beautiful crazy quilted wall hanging.

This introduction to crazy quilting presents this artful form of quilting with a small project. Color choices are simplified and full size patch patterns are provided so you can focus on creating fabulous seam embroidery and embellishments.

You will begin by laying patches and adding laces using the full size patch patterns and diagram provided. After your project is patched, you will find instructions for how to use basic embroidery stitches to create fabulous seam decorations. A selection of embroidery stitches are diagrammed and explained or you may use the stitches of your choice, and you may also substitute motif designs as you like.

Full color illustrations include detail photos of the cover design. Covered in the text are a short history of crazy quilting, explanations of fabrics and threads, how to use a foundation for quilting, a transfer method, and other information. No sewing machine is needed except for finishing. Instructions are included to finish the project into a small wall hanging, or you may choose to finish in another way.


More about White On White Crazy Quilted Wallpiece

  • Class Details

    Type of Project: Small Wallhanging
    Size of Project: 8 x 16 inches
    Colors: White and off-whites
    Supplies used: Muslin and specialty fabrics, Venice and eyelet lace, stranded embroidery cotton and pearl cotton threads
    Skill level: Intermediate
    Prerequisites: Knowledge of embroidery stitches and fabric handling are helpful
    Timeline: 6 lessons plus time to organize project and order materials, 6 months
    Fee per group: $200
    Text Price: $30 per student, includes detail photos, color diagrams, patterns
    Floss color: B5200 White
    Estimated supply cost: Work from a stash, share materials, or approx. $74 if items are purchased separately

  • About teacher J. Marsha Michler

    J. Marsha Michler is a nonfiction author of 13 printed books, and 8 self-published eBooks on the topics of crazy quilting, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, wire jewelry, and knitting. Her quilts have won awards at quilting shows, and her work has been featured in national magazines and other publications including our Needle Arts magazine. Holding a degree in Business Marketing, and three-quarters of a degree in fine arts, summa cum laude and dean’s list, she has taught classes on crazy quilting, embroidery, and wire jewelry. She actively pursues crazy quilting, embroidery, fiber spinning, knitting, fiction and poetry writing, ballroom dancing, stone wall building, and resides with her husband and dog in the beautiful and inspiring foothills of Southern Maine.

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