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Fingertip Gloves: Deborah Tirico


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Fingertip Gloves is a study in dimensional wool appliqué, embroidery embellishment and glove construction. These fun fingertip gloves keep your hands warm while you still have the capability of using your fingertips for cell phones and tablets. The gloves are a smooth fit and feature a Velcro closed (displayed as a button) at the wrist to secure a great fit. Students can choose from four colorways and adjust the fit per their own hands.

The wool appliqué design is dimensional and embellished with a few beads and Week’s Dye Works lamb’s wool thread. The glove construction is done with a bright #8 Perle making the stitching easier to see and fun to do.

This class will include techniques on dimensional appliqué, embroidery guides, appliqué placement guides, a variety of surface stitch combinations and glove construction.

Students will learn appliqué methods including the tack stitch, Deborah’s own needle slanting techniques and fabric manipulation methods for adding dimension to the work. Tools that make working in felted wool easy and fun will be made available. Glove construction will be fully discussed. Familiarity with freeze paper method is recommended.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn wool appliqué with a fun little project!

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Fingertip Gloves information

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Design area: Customized to your hands
Registration cost: $105 – $120 includes class registration and kit in one of four colorways.
Registration dates: Registration opens on April 3. Registration for this course closes on February 28, 2020.
Class starts: All lessons and access to the class discussion group are available immediately upon registration.
Kit: Your kit will come directly from your teacher and will be arriving at your address in around 2 weeks from the day you registered.
Kit Contents: 
Clear acetate for placement guide, Dorr Mills wool in black for the gloves, Week’s Dye Works wool in 4 colors, Weeks Dye Works wool threads in 3 colors, Complimenting ¾ inch button, Velcro closure, Perle cotton # 8 for glove construction, A variety of complimenting seed beads, Chenille and embroidery needles
Colorways: The kit is available in the following four colorways: Elderberry, Parrot, Calabasa and Bermuda Reef.

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About Deborah Tirico

Deborah Tirico: Fingertip GlovesDeborah is an avid needle artist, designer, instructor and author. She has studied appliqué with national and international teachers and continues to study historical appliqué quilts and coverlets.

Her area of specialization is the creation of a sculptural look to felted wool appliqué by using needle tilting techniques and the layering and stuffing of wool pieces. Deborah’s designs feature matching and over-dyed wool threads, and embroidery embellishments which enhance and define the clarity of her subjects.

She is an active member of the EGA, EAC, NETA, PA quilters and Loundon Sampler Guild and enjoys teaching.

Her first book, “Gorgeous Wool Appliqué: A visual guide on adding dimension and unique embroidery” was released in October 2015 and her second book “Dimensional Wool Appliqué Baltimore Style which translates traditional Baltimore Album blocks into her own felted wool style was released in December 2016. Her third book, Celebrate Wool Appliqué was just released in March of 2019.

Examples of Deborah’s work can be found on her website at