Master Craftsman: Beading


The first five steps of our Master Craftsman: Beading program requires a mastery of the knowledge of five different techniques and the completion of a piece in that technique: Square Stitch and/or Loom Weaving, Herringbone Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Bead Embroidery, and Right Angle Weave. Step 6 combines three of those techniques in an original piece. All Steps are judged on following directions closely, good documentation, material choices for the design, good design and color choices for the technique, and a well-executed piece.



Step 1: Square Stitch and/or Bead Weaving on a Loom used to create a wall hanging or bell pull of specific dimensions or a bracelet with either earrings or pendant. Beader must demonstrate stitch technique, increasing/decreasing, color/shading, and appropriate finishing.

Step 2: Herringbone Stitch used to create an original dimensional piece with size limitations. Appropriate use of materials and stitch techniques is emphasized.

Beading, Step # 3, stitched by Sarah Langston

Step 3: Peyote Stitch used in creating a necklace, bracelet and pair or earrings. Beader must demonstrate technique in various Peyote stitches.

Step 4: Bead Embroidery used in creating single piece. Beader must demonstrate expertise in three different techniques of bead embroidery, using appropriate beads. (The main image above shows step 4)

Step 5: Right Angle Weave is used to create an original piece with minimum size limitations. Appropriate use of materials and stitch techniques is emphasized.

Step 6: The final piece must demonstrate Master Craftsman ability in a piece of original design using at least three of the previous techniques. It should be three-dimensional, showing good color and stitch usage with appropriate bead and stitch techniques.

Judging: May and November

Judging Criteria: Workmanship, selection of appropriate materials, mastery of beading techniques, color, and ability to follow directions.

Contact: Master Craftsman Beading Chair

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces

After enrollment, a program packet is sent by email from the program chair. Please allow a week for your registration to be processed.

*Master Craftsman Program fees are non-refundable