Master Craftsman: Beading


Step 1: Bead embroidery with three different methods in a single piece, using appropriate beads and embroidery techniques.

Step 2: Using a selected pattern, adaptation, or original design must demonstrate expertise using flat and dimensional Peyote stitch. Must show use of a chart, use of color, and ability to execute the Peyote stitch in different techniques.

Step 3: Square stitch and/or bead weaving on a loom used to create a wall hanging of specific dimensions. Beader must demonstrate stitch technique, increasing/decreasing, color/shading usage, and appropriate finishing.

Step 4: An original design using Ndebele (herringbone) to create a dimensional work with size limitations. Flat and tubular Ndebele, plus increasing and decreasing, must be demonstrated.

Step 5: An original dimensional piece using right-angle weave, with minimum size limitations. Appropriate use of materials and stitch techniques is emphasized.

Step 6: The final piece must demonstrate Master Craftsman ability in a piece of original design using at least three of the previous techniques. It should be three-dimensional, showing good color and stitch usage with appropriate bead and stitch techniques

Judging: May and November

Judging Criteria: Workmanship, selection of appropriate materials, mastery of beading techniques, color, and ability to follow directions.

Contact: Master Craftsman Beading Chair

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces

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