Top 10 Reasons to Take Laura Smith’s Class on Exhibiting Embroidery

Registration for our upcoming online course Strut Your Stuff with Laura Smith closes on September 11. And just in case you’ve been on the fence about registering for this exciting class, we bring you the top 10 reasons why you should join us!

1. Learn to write the dreaded artist’s statement.

2. Save money on photographing your work for exhibits.

3. Learn new, creative ways to finish and display embroidery.

4. Find exhibits that you can enter no matter the type of embroidery you do or your skill level.

5. Protect your needlework when mailing it.

6. Learn what judges are looking for in winning pieces.

7. Turn critiques from pain into learning for future success.

8. Learn how to recruit a hosting organization and sponsors for your chapter or region exhibit.

9. Learn how EGA’s big exhibits are run.

10. Inspire others to create more embroidery, thereby raising the level of joy in the world.

And the biggest reason to take this class: Improve your motivation to stitch!

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