Board of Directors

Executive Committee

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  • Karen has served EGA in all chapter officer positions since joining the Greater Dallas Chapter in 1987.

    Karen Hamilton - President

  • Marge has been a member for over 15 years and is a member of Skyland Stitchers of the Metropolitan Region.

    Marge Kelly - Vice President

  • Kathy is an EGA Life member of the Midland Empire Chapter in the Rocky Mountain Region.

    Kathy Melville - Secretary

  • Pam Coller has served in many chapter and region positions since joining EGA member in the early 1980s.

    Pam Coller - Treasurer

  • Kathy is an EGA Life Member of the Molly Pitchers Stitchers in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

    Kathy Weigl - Director of Bylaws

  • Val is a founding member of the El Segundo Blue Chapter and has held many chapter board positions over the past thirty years.

    Val Reece - Director of Education

  • Wendy has served EGA in a variety of local, regional and national positions since joining 25 years ago.

    Wendy Lynn - Director of Membership and Marketing

Region Directors