Jacobean Crewel Embroidery


This course presents an example of a design typical of the Jacobean period, using motifs from historical sources. Basic crewel stitches, as they were used in the period, are taught. Students are encouraged to research the stitches, dyes, materials, and design influences that shaped this embroidery. A short research paper relevant to the textiles of the period is required from the students. Students may design their own sampler if they wish.

Note: Starting October 2nd, teacher Carol Currier will be teaching this course. If you registered prior to that you will be registered with Judy Jeroy as your teacher. Learn more

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Lesson 1. Read about the history of the period, including thread dyes. Learn to identify a typical Jacobean design. Work a sampler of long and short shading as well as buttonhole stitches.

Lesson 2. Work a sampler of filling patterns from the period, as well as a sampler of additional stitches for the final project. Submit an outline of the research paper. Submit a line drawing of your final project if you decide not to stitch the example.

Lesson 3. Submit a short research paper with bibliography and a sampler featuring a design typical of the period.

Teacher: Starting October 2nd, Carol Peao Currier (Learn more)
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Time: Six months
Prerequisites: None
Supplies (approximate): $50

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