2023 International Teacher Tour

Alison Cole

The Party Goes On

Boston Stitch Party presents the 2023 International Teacher Tour with our international party Host Alison Cole. The tour will begin August 19, 2023. See how your chapter and region can participate below!

Seminar 2023 is excited to announce the 2023 International Teacher tour!

This tour features international teacher Alison Cole who will be touring the United States to teach in conjunction with Seminar 2023 – Boston Stitch Party, held in Boston, Massachusetts, September 1-5, 2023.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Learn about the teacher by reading her biography and exploring the classes she offers. Click here to find class descriptions and photos.
  • Talk to your chapter about what classes you would like to offer. Consider the financial responsibilities before submitting your request.  Details involving teacher pay, travel expenses, visa costs, lodging, meals, etc. are found  in the Frequently Asked questions section below.
  • Submit your request no later than February 18, 2023. Download the Teacher Request Form HERE.  The request MUST be signed by either the Chapter President (for classes hosted by individual chapters) or by the Region Director (for classes hosted by regions).  We strongly encourage you to scan and email your request to Faculty2023@egausa.org in order to ensure timely delivery.  Requests sent via regular mail should be sent to the address on the form in time to meet the deadline.

Please understand that there will be a limited number of venues.  We expect to receive more requests than we will be able to accommodate and, therefore, will use the lottery process to determine the actual venues selected.

If you have any questions about the 2023 International Teacher Tour, please email Laurel Kulas, 2023 Seminar Dean of Faculty at Faculty2023@egausa.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may request to host an ITT teacher?

    Only EGA chapters or regions may request to host a teacher.  All teaching arrangements must be made through the ITT process; failure to do so may jeopardize the teacher’s visa application.

  • How do we request a participating teacher?

    The Teacher Request Form must be submitted no later than February 18, 2023.   We strongly recommend that in order to ensure timely delivery, you scan the form once it is signed and email it to Faculty2023@egausa.org.  Requests sent via regular mail should be sent to the address on the form in time to meet the deadline. The Chapter President (if hosted by a chapter), or Region Director (if hosted by a region), must sign the form indicating that they have board approval to host a class.

  • How are class venues selected?

    The teacher has a limited number of available days to teach. If there are more requests than available days, a lottery will be held to determine the selection of venues. If a lottery is necessary, all requestors will be contacted by approximately March 15th with the results.  You can increase your odds of hosting a teacher by listing a second and third choice on your request. If the schedule for your first-choice teacher is filled, you will be considered for your second choice, etc.

  • How are teaching dates arranged?

    Selected venues will be plotted on a map in a logical route that returns the teacher to their home. Backtracking will be avoided and travel arrangements will be considered when dates are confirmed.  The schedule will include travel days and may include teacher rest days.  In order to make maximum use of the limited time the teacher will be in the USA, it is inevitable that some classes will be scheduled mid-week. Requesting chapters or regions need to be flexible.

  • What are the financial responsibilities of each host chapter/region?

    Each venue will be responsible for payment of the teaching fee of $400 per day. Total administrative costs will be shared among all venues on a per teaching day basis and shall include:

    • Teacher transportation to the US
    • Visa costs in teacher’s country of residence
    • US visa fee and any additional application expenses
    • Trip insurance (if applicable)
    • Telephone charges incurred by teacher to arrange tour
    • Foreign express mail delivery of air tickets and other important documents if incurred
    • Expenses incurred by traveling teacher coordinator (approved by Dean of Faculty)

    The above expenses will be funded by Seminar 2023. The tour coordinator will bill each venue for its portion of the applicable expenses. Lodging, meals, incidental expenses, local transport and local administrative expenses are the responsibility of each host venue and will not be shared.

  • What are the administrative responsibilities of each host chapter/region?

    Contracts and Letters of Agreement. If your request to host an ITT teacher is approved, you can expect to have to sign two documents: a Contract for Teaching Services and a Letter of Agreement.  Both documents must be signed by the chapter’s President (for classes hosted by chapters) or by the Region Director (for classes hosted by Regions).  Both documents are prepared by the ITT Coordinator and sent to the venue host for signature. We expect to use an electronic signature process via the internet.

      • The Contract for Teaching Services is between the host chapter/region and the teacher. It specifies what classes will be taught and when, details relating to kit fees, and teaching fees and expenses.
      • The Letter of Agreement is between the host chapter/region and Seminar 2022. It specifies the maximum amount of shared costs the host chapter/region will be responsible for, based on the estimate described above.  If the actual costs are lower than the maximum estimated in this agreement, the amount the venue is required to pay will be reduced; it will not exceed the amount specified in this agreement.

    Class administration. You are responsible for recruiting and registering students, arranging for a classroom space and equipment, ordering and receiving class kits, and the many other tasks that occur when hosting a teacher.  We will provide guidance on some of these issues as things progress, and will respond to questions.  We will also provide assistance in advertising your classes.

  • Is submitting a Teacher Request a firm commitment?

    We understand that circumstances change, and we will work with you as much as we can.  However, once the Contract and Letter of Agreement are signed, the host chapter/region has made a firm commitment to participating in this tour.  You will not be able to withdraw at a later date.

  • May non-EGA members take these classes?

    Each host chapter/region may make this determination, based on their local circumstances.


For 2023 International Teacher Tour questions, please email Laurel Kulas, 2023 Seminar Dean of Faculty, at Faculty2023@egausa.org.

Lorie Welker
2023 Seminar Chairman

Laurel Kulas
2023 Seminar Dean of Faculty