Changes to our Beading Master Craftsman Program

The steps to become a Master Craftsman in Beading have been rearranged! We have decided that the new arrangement may give the beader more of a stepping stone approach than the previous arrangement. For example, many beaders consider the square stitch an easier technique than the other required techniques, and some beaders include peyote in their bead embroidery piece. If you have thought of enrolling in the MC beading program, we hope you will now. The program gives you the opportunity to grow in your beading experience while you perfect various beading techniques. The program is arranged so that you have time to practice, gain the expertise you need, and then complete your chosen piece for evaluation.

The steps are:

Step One: Square Stitch and/or Bead Weaving on a Loom used to create a wall hanging of specific dimensions. Beader must demonstrate stitch technique, increasing/decreasing, color/shading, and appropriate finishing.

Step Two: Herringbone Stitch used to create an original dimensional piece with size limitations. Appropriate use of materials and stitch techniques is emphasized.

Step Three: Peyote Stitch used in creating a necklace, bracelet and pair or earrings. Beader must demonstrate technique in various Peyote stitches.

Step Four: Bead Embroidery used in creating single piece. Beader must demonstrate expertise in three different techniques of bead embroidery, using appropriate beads.

Step Five: Right Angle Weave is used to create an original piece with minimum size limitations. Appropriate use of materials and stitch techniques is emphasized.

Step Six: The final piece must demonstrate Master Craftsman ability in a piece of original design using at least three of the previous techniques. It should be three-dimensional, showing good color and stitch usage with appropriate bead and stitch techniques.

For more information contact: Gwen Nelson, MC Beading Chair,

Learn more: Master Craftsman: Beading

Pictured: The featured image is a piece by Sue Osterberg, submitted as Step 6 for the Master Craftsman: Beading program.


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