Aiken Stitchin’ Belles Chapter in South Carolina starts working on Stitcher’s Parking Lot

Members of our Aiken Stitchin’ Belles chapter in South Carolina are excited to start a new project: the Stitcher’s Parking Lot, designed by EGA member-at-large BJ Finch. The project is a cute frame weight with spots for scissors, laying tools, needles, and other important tools.

The chapter used their CAR Chapter Grant to purchase the kits which included marked canvas, direction packet and more.

“Before starting to stitch, five members took a fun-filled field trip to Rock Hill to buy our threads and enjoyed finding just the right color combinations.

We were immediately attracted to this canvas project because it was so cute. The colors were attractive and led us to imagine our own color choices. What is more, it seemed to solve some of our organizational problems: With special places to park our needles, scissors, laying tools, and other items, we would not have to search for them as we worked. (How many times has your laying tool rolled away from you onto the floor or have your scissors been lost under your pattern?) If we added a magnet, we would also have a convenient place to park our needle when it was not in use. All of those benefits in addition to having a lovely frame weight? We were sold!

We started this project in September and are pacing ourselves so that our group can work together. So far, we have completed all of the stitching on the back of the piece (a Reverse Scotch Stitch using two types of thread) and have outlined all of the boxes on the front with Kreinik braid. This month, our task will be to fill in all of the boxes with a variety of specialty stitches.

The more we stitch, the more we can see how beautiful our color choices are. We are happily ready to tackle the next lesson!”

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