Free Project: Waves of Ribbon by Merrilyn Heazlewood

Considered one of the earliest textile art forms, ribbons have existed since the dawn of crafting. Often made of superior quality threads, ribbons were used as a stylish embellishment to elevate plain fabric. EJW Barber, upon studying ancient textiles along the Silk Road, discovered decorated bands dating back to 110 BC!

Merrilyn Heazlewood turned to her collection of antique ribbons for inspiration when designing the Waves of Ribbons counted needlepoint pattern. She said the ribbons “remind me of years past, not only in how they were used and worn, but in the quality, texture and fibres used.”

The beauty of the Waves of Ribbons pattern lies in its call for experimentation. A relatively small project, its delicate intermingling of stitches—mosaics, crosses, zig zags and more—invite stitchers to dive into their stash of open skeins and play with different colors and finishes. Mix in metallics, employ the sheen of silk or the texture of wool—Waves of Ribbons is the perfect canvas to play and have fun with your needlepoint.

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