Video: Growing Your EGA Chapter Webinar March 2024 – Starting a Website

Our latest Growing Your Chapter webinar was on Saturday, March 23, 2024. The discussion for this webinar focused on starting a website for your chapter. The webinar was recorded for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend and you may watch it below. Additional information  and links can be found below the video. This information has also been added to our Tools for Chapter page.

To access the templates, documentation, and more, do the following:

1) Make sure you are logged out of all Google (AKA Gmail) accounts in your browser. You can do this from and using the circle-shaped icon in the upper right corner. Mine had a J on it today.

2) Log into the account you want to use the templates with, although you can certainly add this to any of your Google (AKA Gmail) accounts.

3) Once you are logged into your account, click this link:

4) You should now see these folders and documents:

Folders: Hoop Logos (a program that can work with Photoshop documents is needed for these), Documentation (open this for detailed directions—you can print/download any or all of them), and EGA Logo

Documents: Region and Chapter Website Checklist (download and print this one and have it at hand for reference), EGA Template v3, and EGA Template v4_Join. The only difference between the last two is that the Join template has an additional page added about how to join (and renew) EGA membership.

Remember, these are in the Shared with me folder. To use one of the templates, you will need to right-click one of them and select Copy. After a few seconds, the copy will have been made. So where is it? Click on My Drive on the left side of the screen.

I did leave Reggie’s EGA website up so you could revisit what we did today:

The BunnyStitchers EGA website is the demo site where you can see how different things might work:

Previous Growing Your Chapter Webinars

We have created a YouTube Playlist with all the Growing Your Chapter Webinar videos so far and you can access it here.

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