Video: See the 2022 EGA Annual Meeting Update featuring reports on Education, Marketing and more

The 2022 Annual Meeting will be held at our National Seminar in New York on Thursday, August 25, 2022. To provide coverage of the subject matter to the greatest number of people, a video featuring update reports was recorded on Thursday, August 19, and you can watch it  below. The video features updates from EGA leadership on Education, Marketing, Finances and more. The video also features a Questions and Answers section where questions from members are answered. This video, along with videos of our previous virtual meetings can also be found on our Annual Meetings page.

Below you can also find a list of timestamps so you can easily get to specific topics discussed in the meeting. Clicking one of the timestamps below will open the video on Youtube to that specific part of the meeting.

Having trouble seeing the video? Watch on Youtube!

Jump to a section by clicking one of the timestamps below:

00:00 Welcome by President Karen Hamilton
2:10  President Report by President Karen Hamilton
4:25  VP Report by Vice President Marge Kelly
12:25 Marketing and Membership by Director Wendy Lynn
21:10  Education Report by Director Valerie Reece
26:50  Treasurer Report by Treasurer Pam Coller
28:25  Bylaws Report by Bylaws Director Kathy Weigl
30:47  Secretary Report by Secretary Kathy Melville
31: 18  Headquarters Update
32:14  Closing Remarks by Karen Hamilton

39:56  Questions and Answers
     40:05Member At-large representation and how to participate – Kathy Weigl, Bylaws
43:20Seminars, events, selling merchandise – Marge Kelly, Vice President
48:10Copyright issues, exhibiting pieces and posting photos – Marge Kelly, Vice President
50:50Finance: Electronic payments for regions and chapters, paying dues to National, Quickbooks – Pam Coller, Treasurer
54:35Education: Virtual Lecture Registration Changes, Class video availability, Class prices, Teachers available in Zoom and more – Val Reece, Director of Education
1:05:30Marketing: Subscription service, Facebook Page, Teaching Youth, Outreach, New Members, Working with international organizations, chapter websites and more – Wendy Lynn, Director of Marketing and Membership
1:27:03Looking for an outlet for our embroideries, collaboration between EGA and other organizations and the future of EGA – Karen Hamilton, President

The cover image is Yarn Shelves by Evan Fowler, and it’s part of EGA’s Permanent Collection. Take a closer look here.


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