How to Submit a New Logo for EGA Chapters, Regions, Seminars and More

The EGA Product Sales and Design Committee is a group of 8 individuals from across the USA. Some are chapter members, others are officers, and still others are EGA officials. The purpose of the committee is to review logos proposed by chapters, regions, seminars, and other entities.

The process is that the group requesting approval to use a logo submits it to Cynthia Welch at It is then passed on to the committee for comments. The committee reviews the logo’s appropriateness according to EGA brand standards. Usually within 5 days a decision is made and sent back to the group which requested it. If there are questions about the logo or suggestions about ways to change it, they are sent to the requesting group ASAP. The group has a chance to redesign it or explain why it should remain as originally submitted.

Please see this link for information on how to use the EGA Brand Standards when developing logos incorporating the EGA logo. These can also be found in Document Downloads.


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