Finishing with Flair with Marion Scoular

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Finishing with Flair

Learn techniques for finishing your needlework!

Finishing with Flair with Marion Scoular is a notebook Group Correspondence Course covering three useful techniques for finishing needlework and instructions for lacing needlework for framing.

The three techniques are how to mitre a corner and do simple hemstitching; how to stitch a picot edge; and how to stitch a corded edging. Do the finishing yourself, save money, and know that the work is done well. Little expense is involved as students may use scraps from their collection.

More about Finishing with Flair

  • Class Details

    Finishing with Flair information

    Project: Four doodles
    Size: 8″ x 10″
    Fabric: Small pieces of evenweave fabric, 8″ x 10″ and one 10″ x 12″
    Threads: Stranded cotton, #8 and #12 pearl cotton or other threads
    Colors: N/A
    Proficiency Level: Beginner
    Prerequisites: Ability to read diagrams and count accurately
    Time: Four to six months, one organizational meeting plus four working meetings
    Fee per group: $200
    Text: $36 per student; 47 pages
    Supplies (approximate): Foam core board (negligible cost).

  • About teacher Marion Scoular

    Marion is a 3-year, Mark Excellent graduate of The Royal School of Needlework and a City and Guild’s Silver medallist. She has taught dressmaking in English High Schools, owned The Robin Hood Wool Shop for 13 years; taught Adult Education for Clemson University and has judged, lectured and taught in 49 states, Canada, Mexico and Australia. She is the author of many booklets and articles on Embroidery techniques


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