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The leaves and blooms of the charming clover design contain twelve pulled fillings in a variety of patterns. There are both linear and diaper patterns in which the emphasis is placed on tension. Tension, of course, creates a significant change in the texture of the fabric. In pulled stitches, the effect is achieved by what the stitches do, not the appearance of the stitches themselves. This intermediate text gives detailed diagrams for the stitches. It also explains the correct manner of transiting from one row to the new, so there will be no distortion on the last stitch of a row.

Pulled Stitches Clover Information

Type of project: A frame piece, or a pillow, or embroidered on clothing.
Size of project: 6” x 8”
Color choices: white or cream; suggest fabric and thread be of same color
Supplies used: evenweave linen, Londonderry Linen thread or Perle cotton
Skill level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: ability to count accurately
Timeline for course: 6 months
Text price: $37
Estimated supply cost: $34
DMC Floss Number: 470

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