Master Craftsman: Quilting


Step 1: A traditional pattern is enlarged to a 17 inch block and a specified portion is quilted.

Step 2: Construction of a quilted work, designed to hang and view upright. Reverse or shadow appliqué and specific curves are incorporated.

Step 3: A functional work, other than quilt, including cording and stuffing with specialty techniques such as strip piecing, crazy quilting, etc.

Step 4: Curved piecing and two or more of the provided geometric shapes, with borders and edge finishings.

Step 5: A mariner’s compass with a minimum of three points.

Step 6: A completed small quilt with an original design, constructed with some or all of the techniques in the program and demonstrating Master Craftsman ability.

Judging: May and November

Judging Criteria: Pattern drafting, color, design, fabric selection, piecing, appliqué, quilting techniques, and finishing. The techniques in this program are to be executed primarily by hand, not machine.

Click here to see requirements for Step 1 and pictures of completed pieces

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