USB 16GB Flash Drive (Blank)


EGA blank flash drives help chapter and region leaders organize, store, and transfer their EGA files. 16GB storage. USB 2.0 connection. Bonus: micro USB end allows for connection to supported* phones and tablets for access to files on the go!

*Please note, Apple products do not have micro USB file transfer capabilities. Some devices may require an app or a change of settings to enable file viewing and transfers.

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Tips for using your flash drive:

All technological devices have the potential to fail. Always keep a backup copy of your files on another device. Backup files can be created routinely and can be placed in a folder called “Backup [Date]” so they are not confused with current files. EGA is not liable for any loss due to device failure. Please take necessary precautions to protect against technological malfunction. Also, be aware that dust, dirt or moisture collecting in the USB drive head can cause the drive to become unreadable

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