Crown Jewels

Be a part of EGA’s future by contributing to the Crown Jewels of EGA giving program. Your tax-deductible contribution will help provide the necessary funding for building a financially secure organization to better serve our members through education and needlework community involvement. Membership dues and program fees do not fully support EGA’s operating costs. It is only with the help of generous members such as yourself that we are able to continue fulfilling our mission of inspiring passion for the needle arts through education and the celebration of its heritage. Please consider becoming a member of the Crown Jewels today and play an important part in securing the future of EGA.

There are four levels of Crown Jewels commitment available: Sapphire ($10,000); Diamond ($6,000); Ruby ($4,000); and Emerald ($2,000). Your payment may be made in full at the time of commitment or incrementally over four years (in annual or quarterly payments).


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Your commitment to the Crown Jewels program will be announced in Needle Arts and you will receive a distinctive pin, which acknowledges your level of support. Once you have completed your Crown Jewels commitment, you will receive an additional pin celebrating your generosity to EGA.

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Crown Jewels

Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire