• Winning Ways EGA National Seminar St Louis
    Friday, November 1, 9 AM– 4 PM
    Winning Ways is a one-day series of four lectures on various techniques and design and is sponsored by the Judges Certification Program. While it is continuing education for judges and teachers, it is open to all stitchers who wish to learn more about a technique – eit…[Read more]

  • This forum is a public forum dedicated to people interested in judging. You might be interested in becoming a certified needlework judge, or you simply wish to improve your own work.
    Once a month we will post a topic related to the subject of judging. EGA Certified Needlework Judges and Master Needlework judges will be overseeing the site.
    There…[Read more]

  • This Friday the public forum will open with a topic for discussion.
    Each month an EGA certified judge will open the forum with a topic of their choice.
    We don’t live on the computer so have patience. If you are interested in the EGA Certification Program, please contact Pat Goaley, Chair of the EGA Judging certification Program at…[Read more]