I need help logging in. What do I do?

If you are an EGA member and haven’t logged in before, but you do receive our emails, you may enter your email address under Forgot Your Password on the Login Page. You will then receive an email with your login information. In the case that the email is missing information, you may reply to that email you receive from EGA or email egahq@egausa.org and let the team at EGA Headquarters know and we will assist you with your password.

If after following the steps above you don’t receive an email with your login information, it is most likely because we don’t have an email address for you, have an old one, or the email we have is not connected to your membership. If this is your case, please email rduren@egausa.org and he can make sure your correct email is in the system and will provide you with your login information.

Note: Your username will be your email address, not your member number. And your password for our previous website(before 2018) won’t work since we are using a new, more secure system.