New date for our exciting Contemporary Geometric Beadwork ESP with Sam Norgard

Are you feeling BLUE? Tired of looking at your own four walls? Want the company of someone other than family? How about an exciting learning experience in a historical setting with a group of like-minded individuals?Join us for this Extended Study Program on November 7-12, 2021!

Come to an Extended Study Program with Professor Sam Norgard of the Savannah School of Art and Design for a week of beading and unlock the secrets behind “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork De-mythicized”, in the historical setting of Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Students will work through a variety of sample pieces to understand and explore some of the Contemporary Geometric Beading forms and techniques. In exploring forms students will look at simple triangles and learn how to use them as a tool to detonate / create negative space frames. Students will also explore warped squares and their relationship to the creation stars; 5 point and 6 point, and other possibilities. If time allows, students may have time to also explore wings and horns. This will lead us to the project work which will be to explore triangles, their relationship to tetrads, and, next to explore tetrads in pairs and the pairs relationship to kaleidocycles and to cycle bracelets. Students will be equipped to complete their projects as kaleidocycles, cycle bracelets or necklaces. See an example on the video below. – Gaye Smith, ESP Chair

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