Lesson 3: Handouts and Examples

To download the class documents click each link and save them to your computer. To save the examples, right click on each image and follow the prompt to Save or Save As.

Class Documents:
Things to Plan (H6)
Principles of Design (H7)
Composition Rules and Guidelines (H8)
Hints on Design and Color (H9)



Daisy Photo (E 14)

Line Drawing of the Daisy (E 15)

Line Drawings of Shapes for Inspiration (E 16)

Value study of the Daisy layout (E 17)

Windmill Collage (E 18)

A not so good example of values (E 19)

A pretty good result of values: Diamonds in the rough (E 20)

Side by Side layouts (E 21)

Layout for Daisy (E 22)