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This course is available as a GCC Lightning Round through December 31, 2022. Our GCC Lightning Rounds are four or five of our Group Correspondence Courses that have been hand-picked by our Education Department and made available for individual EGA members to register without a group for a limited time. Visit our GCC Lightning Rounds page to learn more.

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Join teacher Barbara Kershaw in Fandango, a Group Correspondence Course focused on Punto Antico, one of many beautiful styles of Italian whitework embroidery.

Punto Antico embroidery includes a lot of satin stitch, Palestrina and bullion knots, curls and scrolls. Italian hemstitch is also an integral part of any deign as well as drawn thread areas with sometime simple and may times intricate needlewoven insertions. No matter if simple or intricate it is a beautiful form of whitework.

The design was created as a pillow band but instruction for an alternate end to create the runner are included in the text.

Fandango Information

Type of project: Pillow band or table runner
Size: Approximately 11″ x 27″ (28cm x 68.5cm) table runner; Pillow band for a 13″ x 19″ (33cm x 48cm);
Design area: 864 x 372 threads
Skill level: Intermediate-Advanced
Prerequisites: A knowledge of drawn thread and needleweaving would be helpful
Length of class: 6 lessons in 8 months
Supplies used: Belfast linen, DMC® #8 and #12 Coton Perlé
Finishing supplies: Pillow fabric, Pillow form or bag of fiberfill
Text price: $45.00. Left-handed instructions available on request. (included in the cost of Lightning Round registration)
Estimated supply cost: $50.00, finishing supply cost approximately $40.00
DMC Floss Number for tassel: DMC® #791

Download supply list.

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