• Correctly doing this cute little stitch from T he Drawn Thread, using 32 ct fabric and my choice of DMC threads from my stash. Had a lot of difficulty with the vines for some reason and frogged repeatedly, but I was having a brain fog day, so that could be why.

    • It’s a pretty little piece! The vines look really neat, not usually a lot of fluidity or curvaceousness in cross-stitch work, so it’s nice to see that. It looks like you made it work and it looks good!

  • Finished it! This is a Merrilyn Heazlewood design, the Hidden Trellises class.

  • Only have a couple more nights\’ work left on my Hidden Trellises project and also have a band sampler I\’m dabbling with. I have a Stay Home project on hold as well. Just want to get HIdden Trellises done at this point.

  • Loretta Wahl posted an update in the group Group logo of Stuck at Home but StitchingStuck at Home but Stitching 9 months ago

    We all are looking for the right project to stitch just now. I chose “Praising Angel” a Romainian point lace designed by Sylvia Murariu to do in her memory. I thought it was appropriate in this time. I found my tension was very varied while stitching one side of the robe vs the other side. But it is my tribute to her and my hope we will come…[Read more]

  • An update from my first post……A couple weeks ago I finally got a start on Hazel Blomkamp’s Norman, the turtle. The design is a bit smaller as I am using the one in the picture attached to practice the stitches, most of which are new to me, before starting on the larger design. Finished the EGA #bewellandstitch Stitch-a-Long cross stitch.…[Read more]

    • Hi Janice, Love your Norman I have the book and have been wanted to do the Ostrich keep us posted on your progress. What did you use for transferring the design?

      Jamie Cerda

    • Hi Jamie, Thank you. I printed out the design on regular copy paper, then traced the design on the back of the paper with one of the Sublime Stitching Iron-On transfer pens. Then ironed the design onto the linen. Kind of funny….Yesterday, I enlarged the design to about 8 x 10 inches but with the threads suggested for the needleweaving, I am…[Read more]

  • I am back in my office this week, but with only 3 of us here, it’s pretty low risk. I’ve been at home for 3 weeks though and got a ton of stitching done. I went back through unfinished projects that I wanted to get done and finished an Alison Cole stumpwork piece and am now working on a Catherine Jordan piece called “The Gift” that was a Dogwood…[Read more]

  • I’ve been stitching bookmarks. Any ideas on how to finish the one on the right?

  • I started the year off making coasters for an exchange with our sister chapter in New Zealand. Then started making bookmarks with the scraps. Then there was the request for masks. Then more bookmarks from the scraps leftover after framing. It is nice to work on something small and meditative in the evening. Back to making masks online this…[Read more]

  • So I have a question for everyone are you a one project at a time person or like me multiple projects on the go?

    • Somewhere in between. I have a gazillion projects in all stages from haven’t opened the pack yet, to fully kitted and ready to start, to partially stitched but was replaced by a new project, to almost finished or even totally finished but not yet mounted for framing. At this time, I’m trying a new system I described last week where I’m rotating…[Read more]

    • I usually have several projects going all the time. They are not all embroidery…..some are knitting, crochet, quilting (some of which include embroidery), EGA Chapter projects, and several embroidery projects in different or combined techniques. I also have several quilt tops waiting for quilting and binding. Then, I am also branching out…[Read more]

    • For me it is one main project at a time. I haven’t learned how to split my attention between several projects. I do have small travelling projects (but who’s going anywhere these days?). I like having all my threads/tools for a particular project out and available and it is always exciting thinking about “what’s next!”

    • Janet, how do you manage your rotational stitching with your Master Craftsman work? Is it part of your 3, or in addition to?

    • Jamie, way too many projects in the works:) I also practice a type of rotational stitching. I have easier projects that I stitch in the evening after work when I’m just looking for the relaxation of stitching. Other more challenging projects are saved for weekend/larger chunks of time.

    • Beth: They are #1 and #2 of the 3 projects currently in the rotation. The 3rd and 4th (I know, it’s only supposed to be 3) are the GCC (Barbara Seuss’ pink Temari balls) my chapter started before our world changed and Kim Sanders’ Peace from Set 4 of the National Outreach Project.

    • I usually have one larger project and any number of smaller ones going at the same time. Sometimes I just can’t focus on the large one and that is especially true during these strange times. I like Janet’s plan of a rotation. I may have to try that.

    • I usually have 3 or 4 projects going at a time. I rotate between easier ones, and I have 2 full coverage pictures in progress. One is a Mystic Stitch and one is a HAED quick stitch. This way I can keep a variety of projects available, depending on the mood I’m in.

  • Right now I’m working on finishing up this old Erica Wilson kit that I bought on eBay. I mostly finished last summer but then stopped working on it so I could finish up some other projects. I’ve finally gotten back to it and this week I finished up the faces on the smaller foxes. Now all I have left are the flowers and grass, which I expect to…[Read more]

  • When I make time to stitch, it’s a good day. Wishing everyone well! My finish is a The Drawn Thread freebie offered via their Facebook.

  • Hello my invisible friends in the computer! Gah, can you believe this weird bad dream that we are living????
    I have been working on a piece from Inspirations magazine for the very first time. I fell in love with this piece from issue 104, Carnation Tile by Fiona Hibbett. It is very art nouveau/arts and crafts style, which I love.
    I started it in…[Read more]

  • Have been waiting years for time to get to Jane Nicholas’ tile works. Here’s my first (yes first!) work with gold threads.

    • Absolutely gorgeous.

    • Like you, I’ve been waiting a very long time to find the time to stitch a piece from one of Hazel Blomkamp’s books; maybe that piece needs to move up on my projects-on-the-waiting-list.
      Your stitching does NOT look like a first-timer for gold-work!

    • Thanks for the nice words! Last year I did Hazel’s owl from Crewel Creatures. It took forever, but turned out beautifully, and I’m very pleased. So … jump in! Hazel’s projects are very fun.

    • Cynthia – it is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely not first timer looking! You are encouraging me to return to some Jane pieces that I have in process.

    • Thanks, Beth! I’m gong to continue working more pieces from this book of Jane’s (her Stumpwork & Goldwork inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles). Luckily I stocked up on supplies to do a few more of these.

  • I recently joined the Cyber Stitchers and decided to do the President’s Challenge – so this week I have been working on the Jan/Feb/Mar Clues of the Month Sampler. I am also doing a re-make of Trish Burr’s “Spartan” Iris from her Color Confidence book. This is a very dark iris and the stitching outline was confusing as to differentiating the…[Read more]

  • Abby Roane posted an update in the group Group logo of Stuck at Home but StitchingStuck at Home but Stitching 10 months ago

    This is a picture of the second sleeve. If you can envision the shape of a sleeve pattern that’s the reason for the cap having only two blocks. The sides will be shaped and some of the blocks will be trimmed which is why not all of the windows have been filled with embroidery.

    • Abby: This is glorious! I have always wanted to make a quilt-wall hanging using cathedral squares, but your idea beats everything I thought of! I cannot wait to see more photos. Janet

    • Hi Janet, So nice to hear from you. I had always wanted to make a quilt with the cathedral window squares and when I visited Lancaster last year during Quilt Fest I saw all of the Amish interpretations using muslin and white fabrics. I went shop hopping and fell in love with the blue on blue fabric which was in two 5 yard cuts. I bought both. I…[Read more]

    • Abby – your pieces are amazing! I tried a cathedral window pattern years ago. Not at all as exquisite as yours.

  • Abby Roane posted an update in the group Group logo of Stuck at Home but StitchingStuck at Home but Stitching 10 months ago

    Schools have been closed by the Governor for the past two weeks and will be closed for another four weeks. I had been putting in small bits of time working on a jacket formed by Cathedral window blocks and putting embroidery into the ‘windows’ before stitching them into place. I created the pattern for the jacket which will be bound and closed…[Read more]

  • I’m finishing up working on a pilot class our chapter is doing of Catherine Theron’s Every Good and Perfect Gift – one of the class offerings for 2020. I’m not sure I’m allowed to post photos of it yet. But what a fun stitch it is. And a challenge – especially when I have to reconfigure because of my miscounting. Beautiful, beautiful piece t…[Read more]

  • JANET NOBLE posted an update in the group Group logo of Stuck at Home but StitchingStuck at Home but Stitching 10 months ago

    I decided to set up a 3-day rotation schedule for needlework: I only work on one project for one day, then switch to a second project, then a third before going back to the first. I have a number of projects in my stash on the waiting list. I can’t show photos of two of my projects because they are Master Craftsman projects so they’ll have to…[Read more]

  • I just finished these amazing fingertip gloves by Deborah Gale Tirico EGA Online class.

  • Hi members, welcome to Stuck at Home but Stitching! This group is for all EGA members to share what you have been working on during this time at home. You can post pictures of your work, questions if you feel stuck, tips to help others and other content related to what you’re working on while stuck at home. We look forward to seeing what you’re…[Read more]

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