• Let’s Meet the Teachers for Vision of Stitches!
    On Saturday January 9, 2021 at 9:00 am Central time we will gather for our first Vision of Stitches event, Meet the Teachers. This event is open to all that wish to attend, whether you are currently registered and would like to add other classes or if you have not registered yet and want to see t…[Read more]

  • Registration for the GLR Seminar, Vision of Stitches opened on Saturday October 3, 2020, for anyone not already registered. Please check the GLR website for class information and printable registration form.

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    GLR Annual Board Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 2 at 10:00 am (EDT)/ 9:00 am (CDT) on Zoom. Please email director@ega-glr.org for a meeting invitation.

  • Wendy Lynn posted an update in the group Group logo of Great Lakes Region GroupGreat Lakes Region Group 9 months ago

    Thanks to all of the GLR people who signed into a trial run of Zoom this week. We hit over 40 board members, chapter presidents and officers. Thanks, and look for more virtual opportunities.

  • If you’re looking for a virtual chapter project, try Nan’s Needlecase from the Petite Projects on the website. Search “petite projects” and voila! Here’s my finish.

  • Wendy Lynn posted an update in the group Group logo of Great Lakes Region GroupGreat Lakes Region Group 10 months ago

    GLR Seminar 20/20 Vision of Stitches has been rescheduled for the dates April 11-15, 2021. A detailed email will be sent within the next few days by Karen Wojahn to anyone who registered for the seminar. The good news is that all of our teachers are available and will teach the same classes. The location is still the Red Lion Paper Valley in…[Read more]

  • Needle Artisans of Toledo Guild just hosted 2019 Ohio State Day with designer Diane Herrmann teaching her “Walking the Water’s Edge”. Too bad each State can only host one State Day per year. What a great way to bring excellent teachers to the members at an affordable cost! It was wonderful
    making new connections and learning from a teacher…[Read more]

  • Congratulations to Carmen Heare of the Town and Country Chapter (Ohio) who is a recipient of the 2019 Golden Thread Award for the Great Lakes Region. I\’m hoping next May we will see more nominees from our Region. Check out all of the Scholarship and Awards opportunities at https://egausa.org/scholarships-and-awards/

  • The Executive Committee has an information filled Semi-Annual meeting set for September 7 in South Bend, Our agenda includes information on parliamentary procedures with some fun (really!) role-playing exercises, our usual business meeting, a demo of the egausa.org website and an info session on basics for chapter treasurers. Too much to miss.…[Read more]

    • Registration for GLR Seminar 2020 in Appleton WI April 22 – 26 will open at the Semi-annual meeting. Another reason to attend. Check the GLR website for classes.

  • Hey, GLR, I’m seeing how few photos we have posted on the EGA profile. Pull out those smartphones at your next chapter meeting, take pics of each other and have an EGA profile party, helping each other update your profiles. I see a chapter program in your future!!!

    • I like your idea, Wendy. I plan to encourage this at our next board meeting. I really like seeing a photo of the person. Sometimes I just need a face to put with a name. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Here’s a reminder to all Great Lakes chapters that the GLR newsletter deadline is May 15. Get your articles in to summitprintingbc@att.net.

  • The seminar brochure which has class descriptions and pictures is now available on the ega-glr.org website. Registration will begin at the fall meeting on September 7, 2019 in South Bend, IN.

    • Thanks for starting this discussion group. I just found it! It should be a good tool for us to use. We need some kind of group photo to go at the top of the page. Perhaps something that was taken in Dearborn st the Seminar.

  • Check out the http://www.ega-glr.org website for information about 2019 Indiana State Day, 2019 Ohio State Day and GLR 2020 Seminar brochure. Also invite all of your fellow members to join the Great Lakes Region Discussion Group on the egausa.org website.