Virtual Lecture Recording: Innovative Finishing Techniques for Needlework with Patrick Barron


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Searching for inspiration instead of stitching the same projects again? Don’t want to continue spending tons of money on framing and finishing? In “Finding New Life: Innovative Finishing Techniques for Needlework,” Patrick Barron shows you creative and unique ways to show off your stitching skills by repurposing things you have around the house. From stitching on colanders and finials to candy tins and cookie cutters, Patrick will walk you through how you can show off your needlework in a unique and environmentally friendly way. Patrick will go through some of his favorite projects and give you an overview of how he decides what new and exciting thing he will work on next. Come join us to feel inspired and think outside the box!

Patrick Barron has been an avid stitcher since 1975. Starting with candlewicking, his first project was a belt. He joined Mainline ANG in 2002 where he was the president for 5 plus years. After that, he joined the Brandywine EGA Chapter in 2010 where he also served as president. He is currently the Vice President of Programming for the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild, where he has served for over 6 years. Patrick has completed countless projects, and he enjoys working with unconventional materials for a unique and interesting challenge.

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