Introduction to Metal Thread Embroidery


This in-depth study of the techniques of metal thread embroidery will introduce the student to the shimmer of real gold and silver on fabric. From actual samples of the metal threads discussed to the proper methods of framing up the foundation fabric, the world of metal thread embroidery will be explored. Although this technique is often regarded as difficult, the student will learn that this needlework is not only a challenge but also a delight. Note: The image  shows an example of the kind of work this course will prepare you for.

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Lesson 1. Metal thread description, samples, and brief history; annotated bibliography; framing up; transferring the design; couching Japanese gold and silver; vermicelli, one pair, turning corners, narrow points, successive rows, in pairs, pair and a half, filling regular, irregular, and contoured shapes including circles, in conjunction with surface embroidery stitches; technique questions and applications

Lesson 2. Pattern couching and metal threads: passing thread; doubles #1 gold; crinkle; twist; cord; braid; jaceron (coiled, uncoiled, beads), smooth, rough, crimpled, and check; plate; texture and value; filling patterns; surface embroidery combined with purls, burden stitch; technique questions and applications

Lesson 3. Padding with cotton, string, felt, and card; laid work patterns; basketwork; kid appliqué; technique questions and applications

Teacher: Kay Stanis
Time: Six months
Class fee: $110
Text fee:
$20 Hard Copy
None. Knowledge of some surface embroidery technique is helpful.
Supplies (approximate): At least $5 per lesson but the initial outlay will probably be more.
ICC Pin Thread Color: DMC #301

Note: Please read the Student Responsibilities on the ICC page before enrolling. The timeline for course completion begins when you register. There are no refunds for course or text fees so make your selection carefully.