Virtual Lecture Recording: Mediterranean Folk Embroidery: A Brief Tour of a Vibrant World with Krista West


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Join designer and owner of Avlea Folk Embroidery, Krista West, as she takes us on a tour of folk embroidery in the Mediterranean world. Learn about the importance of textiles in the ancient world and how Classical and Byzantine motifs and colors made their way into folk embroidery. With her trademark energy and enthusiasm, Krista delights in sharing ancient beauty with the modern world!

Krista West delights in bringing ancient beauty to the modern world with embroidery designs inspired by traditional Mediterranean folk textiles. Introduced to traditional folk embroidery on one of her trips to Greece, she fell in love with the vibrant colors and historic motifs, and began stitching textiles for her own home. She quickly realized there was still much interest in this historic craft and she opened Avlea Folk Embroidery to share the beauty of folk embroidery. She happily spends her days in the workshop of her 1923 home in Salem, Oregon, designing patterns and making kits for customers and shops around the world. See her work at, and follow her on YouTube and Instagram (kristamwest).

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