Board of Directors

  • Janet is a member of our Millwood Chapter and was region director for our Carolinas Region.

    Janet Noble - President

  • Marnie is an EGA Life Member and has been with the Tennessee Valley Region since 1999.

    Marnie Graley - Vice President

  • Maria has been a member since 1999 and is a founding member of Skyland Stitchers of the Metropolitan Region.

    Maria Hall - Secretary

  • Jennifer has been an EGA member since 1999 and has served as treasurer of several EGA chapters.

    Jennifer Mullins - Treasurer

  • Georgann has been a member of the Greater Pacific Region and Stitchers by the Sea since its foundation in 1982.

    Georgann Lane - Director of Bylaws

  • Celeste is an EGA Life Member and has held many chapter offices since joining in 1999.

    Celeste Chalasani - Director of Education

  • Beth joined the Mayflower Chapter in 2002 and has served on several local and national committees.

    Beth Lindsay - Director of Membership and Marketing

Region Directors