Fancy Flowers Temari


Lightning Rounds are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group.  This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course.



A display of beautiful flowers is always welcome. Group these temari with others made in a pastel palette for a lovely decoration for spring in your home. This advanced level course includes patterns for three different temari – Mountain Laurel, Lillies, and Camellia. The Japan Temari Association defines four different levels of difficulty and they designate these as Level 2 (advanced). To be successful, students are required to already be confident with making a round ball with a good surface for stitching and marking simple divisions and a combination 8 division. Students are also required to know basic temari stitching techniques such as starting and stopping, making wrapped bands (an obi), stitching pine needle designs and kiku herringbone, and have a good eye for placement of stitches without measuring.

Teacher: Barbara B. Suess

Type of project: three temari balls

Size: various size balls

Color choices: Colors as shown are given in the text.Students are encouraged to use other colors if they wish.

Supplies used: standard ball making materials, #5 pearl cotton, metallic thread

Skill level: advanced

Prerequisites: students are required to know the skills listed in the course description

Timeline: 6 meetings

Text price: $40 (53 pages with color images)

Estimated supply cost: $25

Download supply list.

Lightning Rounds