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    Kissing Pillows- who is collecting the Kissing Pillows now?

    • Violet, are you stitching them in conjuction with a chapter? I’m wondering if you are doing it independently or as a group outreach project. I can try to help you if you see this message and respond.

      • I’m asking because I was told that they are no longer being collected by anyone. Are you passing them out to military being deployed or know of a group doing that?

        • I am not personally involved with the Kissing Pillows now but I have enjoyed stitching many of them in the past. I’m going to direct you to two sources for more information: The National Outreach chairman is Beate Lies. You can reach Beate via email at beainsc@gmail.com. She can point you in the right direction. Secondly, the Yellow Rose chapter in Houston used to be very involved with Kissing Pillows. Their website is http://www.yellowroseega.com. I’d suggest trying to reach Bea first. Good Luck!

    • My chapter wanted to donate the pillows last fall and were finally directed to Geraldine Trappey (gtrappey@comcast.net), the originator of the program. At that time, she was not sure she could continue for a number of reasons, but I am not sure what the current status is. You might try contacting her to find out if they are still collecting the pillow tops. Good luck! Carole Overton, Carolinas Region Director, member of Aiken Stitchin’ Belles

      • We are no longer collecting them in GPR. There has been significant difficulty in getting them delivered on bases because of the new security concerns. I spoke with a member of Evergreen chapter yesterday and she mentioned that the program is winding down. I think further information would be available thru SCR as the program started in Houston I believe.

    • Hi Violet,

      Below is the text from an email that I received from Jerry Trappey, the coordinator of the Kissing Pillows program. Feel free to pass the information along.

      Shawn Miller
      RD, South Central Region

      As designer and coordinator of the Soldier Kissing Pillows, I am shutting down the entire project for the time being. I am not releasing the copyright and no one should use the design for anything other than for what it was originally created. The project was buried in a 50 year time capsule in June 2012, at the Rock Island Arsenal which is the main headquarters for the United States Army. I am hopeful that when the capsule is opened, some enterprising stitchers will decide this is a worthwhile project and begin the project anew.

      EGA and ANG and many other guilds in the United States embraced this project from day one and the deploying military and their families were the ones to reap the benefits. As far as the military is concerned this should go on forever. We agree. However, changes in the access to the bases has created problems and expenses for those of us trying to get these wanted pillows to the hands of the military. Thirteen plus years ago, our country was enjoying a secure feeling that no longer exists and we understand the need for lock-down. In addition, a project, great though it may be, cannot stay “fresh” with the stitchers for as many years as our sweet project has been around and, understandably chapters are voting to do other worthwhile outreach projects. On the other hand, some chapters are just now finding out about the project and are eager to participate. Nancy Behrendt from Evergreen Chapter in Seattle, Washington, and I could also recite chapters and individuals who would stitch this project forever, and those numbers are wonderful but not as great as they once were. In addition, and of major importance, are those working on the “finishing and delivering” part of the project. Naturally, we have aged and lost some of the volunteers, but those of us still willing, do so with the same dedication and love of the project that we had 13 years ago. I, for one, have two full rooms of my home dedicated to the Soldier Kissing Pillows, and I know Nancy and her husband have the same. Our hearts are in it, but we are being thrown many curves in getting finished pillows to the deploying military and their families. It’s time to wrap it up.

      It is with a grateful and heavy heart that I ask EGA and ANG and the many other guilds to send me any finished stitched tops so that we can get them completed and delivered. Many stitchers have kits in tote bags, etc. and we ask that they find them and send those tops that are stitched to me. We will get them delivered to the military. Please do not feel you need to stitch on the blank Aida in the kits, unless you have the time and can get them to us within a month or so. Chapters should no longer have the Soldier Kissing Pillows as a Community Outreach project. I am closing the project. I have informed both EGA and ANG.

      I thank all of you for your support of this worthwhile project. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Geraldine Trappey
      Designer and Coordinator
      Soldier Kissing Pillows Project
      9206 Spellman Rd.
      Houston, Texas 77031-2225

      This may be re-printed in Guild publications and Chapter newsletters.

      • I am away from home now and my home is packed due to renovations. I do have several stitched tops and fabric at home. Can I contact you when I find them to see if you can still use them? Thank you for this wonderful project.

        • Please contact Jerry directly. She will be able to let you know if she is still accepting donations when you return home. Good luck with your renovation!

    • Thank you Shawn for posting this — I saw it on FB somewhere and have been trying to find it!
      Marjorie Sink
      Bays Mt Chapter
      Tennessee Valley Region