• Vera Grimsley posted an update in the group Group logo of EGA Discussion GroupEGA Discussion Group 2 years, 8 months ago

    I just figured out how to see the discussion. Been looking for it for a few days. Still playing with the website and learning how it all works. Can anyone tell me how to get my photo to upload to my profile page? When I click on Upload nothing happens!

    • Hi Vera ~ I am slowly learning the new site as well. At upload, click on “select your file”. From there you can browse the pictures you have on your computer. Select a photo and click open. From there, it should start to upload. If not, hopefully Rand or someone else will reply.

      • Thanks for trying to help me, Christine. I have tried that (and tried and tried and…) When I click on “select your file” nothing happens, literally nothing. I have rebooted my computer, closed the browser and reopened, everything I can thing of and still nothing. I have contacted Rand to see if he can help.

        • You’re right. It’s as if it’s turned off at the moment. Hopefully Rand can help you soon.
          It’s such a minor thing but some of us like our ‘visuals’. :0)

    • Look! It’s Vera! So glad it finally worked.