• Tim Buchheim posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    I’m back home from seminar and looking at the huge pile of kits I bought at merchandise night, plus the big projects from my two courses. What should I work on? (Ignoring the four kits I recently bought from Inspirations magazine or the various UFOs sitting around the living room.)

    I should probably finish a few things before starting anything new, so I think I’ll probably finish up Mike Parr’s Elizabethan Plum Tree first, then maybe work on an existing UFO or two, then finish up Marsha Papay Gomola’s Springtime at Magee Marsh. Of course I’ll have to work some Christmas ornaments in there too, to make sure I have enough for everyone who comes to Christmas Eve!

    • Although I have to say, @katherine-diuguid‘s lighthouse is calling to me. 😃

    • I think you know which one is going to end up in your work basket first! 😉

    • I’m working on the Elizabethan plum tree for now, as I think I have time to finish it before I start cranking out this year’s Christmas ornaments. Over the weekend I finished up the long & short stitch on the branches, did the satin stitch on the plums, and couched down the gold on six of the plums. (The ground, the trunk, that bit of a leaf, and the one plum in the upper right that’s fully outlined are what I got done at seminar.)