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    Because family are coming for Thanksgiving and not for Christmas, I put my tree up today. I have tried to answer the question, “How many Romanian Point Lace ornaments are too many for one tree?” The reindeer is the first of a new set of larger, bordered ornaments I’m trying to design. First one finished. TA DAA!!

    • LOVE! IT!

    • I’m pretty sure you could get a few more on there! It’s beautiful.

    • How do I post to this group?

      • Did anyone answer you, Judie? I thought I knew how to post to it…. but today it seems that the method has changed No wonder you are having trouble. But I just postedin the text box at the top of this page, and it seems like it posted to this section. If you continue to have trouble posting, you can call Headquarters and ask for Rand, who is very helpful with technology questions.