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    Access good. thank you.

    • Help.
      My RGR didn’t work out the way It looks on the Lesson Plan. Why?

      Well, after getting the first A, B, C and RGR done, I thought correctly, I either got lost or something. Because at the statement… the GSR can be subdivided into a number of smaller proportional GSR by…. “dividing the RGR into a square and a smaller RGR as shown below.”

      I thought I was following this statement… and didn’t worry about it until I discovered that my last RGR was two squares. My squares were 5″, 3″, 2″, 1″ not the proportions required.

      So I began again, and again, and again…. until I was frustrated. Picture (.jpg) below.
      So Questions during my process:
      To get to the RGR, the lesson said turn the paper so that the rectangle is horizontal. (So that means clockwise)???.
      Then next Question, Do I do the A,B,C, for each additional RGR ?…. no because the horizontal and vertical of the big rectangle is what was determined in the first division creation of the rectangle.

      With the above logic…..So the first square is 5″, the Second square from the A,B,C is 3″ (or should it be 1:1.6….?)

      [But the lesson said not to worry with the math, it will work out in the end.}.

      Well I took the 3″ from the original division and made a 3″ square to the right of the 5″ square.

      Then I turned the paper clockwise to get the RGR situated for the next division.

      This is where I think I may have lost some measurements or ?????

      But the five” square broken down into a 3″ square leaves 2″….So I made a 2″ square.

      Then turned the paper again clockwise and had a two ” square and the leftover from the 3″width of the rectangle or 1″.

      I then drew my one ” square and the leftover from 2″ is another 1″….. not a rectangle.

      Frustration, anger, cool off, try again…

      I started over, trying this and trying that…. and not getting anywhere.

      I started over on fresh sheet… then the cat threw my compass on the floor. and I decided to call it a night.

      The picture has all sorts of lines on it…. I started out erasing those lines trying to find where I missed something.

      Questions that came up.
      How to subdivide the original 5″ square and RGR?
      Do you turn the original Rectangle clockwise or counter clockwise?
      Should I have used math? 1:1.6180339887? = 3.09 (Second Sq) then 1.9098 (3d Sq), then 1.18034 (4th Sq) , 0.7294902 (5th sq).
      Then How the heck to I get that from my ruler? Ughj….. decimal to Fractions ugh.

      • Hi Sara,
        What you are doing is exactly right! Because the golden section rectangles are based on “irregular” numbers (those not divisible by whole integers) the lines we draw are always slightly off the lines of the graph paper. With each subdivision, we get further and further off, if we stick to the graph paper lines, but for the purposes of using the golden section rectangle for design, this is not a problem. What you have drawn out is great! Simply transfer the lines to the transparency and your will have a great design tool!

        • I think it was how I used the compass. When I switched to an old one I had that locked the measurement, it just fell into place. thank you for encouragement.:-)

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