• Sandie Cormaci-Boles posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello! I am glad that you all enjoyed seeing the Morning Glories piece. It is a very interesting design and is truly beautiful. I will admit that it was difficult! Adding to the difficulty was the fact that Ilse Altherr is a very tough critic – she wouldn’t mind me saying so. I always say that she takes no prisoners – ha! Thanks to her toughness though, she guided me to stitching at a much higher level than I ever did before her mentorship.
    We have now explored Diamond Eyelets and are trying our hand at Satin Stitches. In the next two weeks we will learn two more Pulled Thread stitches to add to your repertoire. In our last week we will review if needed, admire everyone’s work, learn a little Colonial history and start on the big pineapple. We still have a lot of fun ahead! Enjoy your day and let me know how your satin stitches are going. 🙂