• Just figured it out; instead of pages of “who joined”, if you go to the top box that says “show”, and click on “updates”, only the recent conversations show up! I’ll get this thing figured out by hook or crook. *bangs cane*

  • Hi all, this is a place to share your interest, research, and love of Medieval and Renaissance needlework. This group is open to all EGA members, yet specifically geared for those researching and recreating Medieval embroidery. I am Raven from the Three Rivers chapter. My specific area of interest is Viking Age embroidery, although any Medieval…[Read more]

    • How does one become a member here? I love Medieval embroidery and I have a fondness for Tudor & Elizabethan periods.

      • If you go to the create a group page, there should be a link under the icon for this group . (This is a guess though. I was automatically made a member when I created the group.)

  • Brad Cape posted an update 1 month ago

    (Test) My version of Flowering Tree by Eileen Bennett, Designers Across America Sept. 2017