• Patricia A Goaley posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Volunteer hours and Continuing education

    Purpose: To document volunteer hours that EGA Certified Judges give to their local communities and to EGA. To ensure continuing education within the EGA Certified Judging Community. To document those house in the EGA Annual Report by group only, NOT individuals. To have a venue to update Certified Judges personal information annually, and in general know that everyone is well. I did not know that a judge had passes, another had a stroke, and one lost her husband just over this year. We are a community under the umbrella of an EGA Certification. To continue with the certification you must have your EGA membership current.

    A form will be emailed to all Certified Judges 1 Nov 2021. Deadline to return it is 1 December 2021 and annually on Dec 1st thereafter. Everyone with a current membership and form submitted will receive a card identifying them as current EGA Certified Judge.

    Volunteer Hours: 3 hours annually
    Anything related to judging that you do voluntarily. Examples: serving on the EGA Judging Committee, facilitating or organizing one of EGA’s many activities, such as the National Exhibit, B. Pilling, Golden Needle, Education Exhibit, writing an article on color, design, technique, judging, copyrights, any thing related to judging, mock judging, lectures about judging, advising an apprentice judge, etc. For volunteer hours, travel time counts as well.

    Education hours: 6 hours annually
    Anything that increases your knowledge about a subject related to judging: attending exhibits, reading, attending classes on art, needlework, new and traditional techniques, artist statements, copyrights, endless subjects. The idea is that your identify your weaknesses and strengthen them by gaining knowledge and increasing your skills so you will be a better judge. We will be offering online lectures and mock judging experiences in the late fall.

    Time spent is equal to time earned.

    Please consider over this week and give me your last thoughts and ideas.

    Hoping you are all very safe and physically sound,
    Pat Goaley
    Chairman of the EGA Judging Program