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    Hello! I am currently pursuing Elizabethan embroidery – blackwork, raisedwork, even tentwork. My focus in this was originally on sweet bags, but I’ve branched out to the wealth of metal thread stitches they used. Am also interested in Opus Anglicanum, Or NuĂ©, and earlier stuff.

    • Loved your article and love all your work!

    • Tudor period embroidery is so enticing. Having walked the corridors of Hampton Court Palace, it is hard to not imagine the beautiful blackwork and goldwork passing me by and lingering for a gossip in the corners! The court was ripe with salacious scandals and intrigue and there were craftsmen from all over the world stopping by with their silks and tapestries and new designs ready for the seamstress to make for the balls! Beautiful lace ruffs and blackwork with goldwork intertwined. I think I lived in the wrong era, although I think I wouldn’t have lived so long back then!!