• Marnie Graley posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Two things on my mind this morning…. 1) Is your region taking advantage of the International Teacher Tour in 2019? My own region is doing so and I personally couldn’t be more excited. We would never have the resources to bring an international teacher to our chapter(s) without EGA providing this great opportunity. Check it out and spread the word. The deadline for submitting the paperwork is in January. 2) I’m delighted by the Stitcher’s Parking Lot project featured in the latest edition of EGA News (the email blast from Headquarters). If you have chapters that struggle finding education projects, this one looks practically perfect to me.. colorful, flexible and functional! What a trifecta! https://egausa.org/aiken-stitchin-belles-chapter-in-south-carolina-starts-working-on-stitchers-parking-lot/?inf_contact_key=7fdec9e706dfeabfe72645fcc9ecbd39c5f4654c2349064fd32c7d61de92dec9

    • At present I don’t know of a chapter taking advantage of the international tour. We have in the past.
      I have stitched the Stitcher’s Parking Lot – it was fun. Members in my chapter made various changes, color, threads for the back, etc.