• Marnie Graley posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Happy July EGA family!! Six months into 2018.. is it too soon to mention Christmas stitching?? LOL!

    • No, its not too soon to mention Christmas Stitching. If you plan on having it finished in most shops they need to have it soon. I need to get my ornament stitched for the Chapter Party. Just need to find the time.

    • Working on a stocking now

      • Shirley, I wanna see when you’re done with it!

        • Working on it this weekend at our chapter retreat at Carson Springs in Newport TN. Come join us!

          • I wish I could clone myself and join you! I’m headed to National board meeting in Louisville and will be there through Diamond Jubilee. It should be an awesome week! Armida Taylor and her committee are just top notch! I’ll be missing you! You gotta get to Charleston next June. Hugs.. (tell everyone hi for me)