• MARA K ADITAJS posted an update 1 month ago

    I finished Lesson 4 last evening, except for the stitches requiring the Kreinik metallic tie downs. I ran out of that thread, so I kept on stitching I did call Christine for another reel. She is an absolute gem! I loved stitching the layered Sprat’s Head!!!! I have always enjoyed a good Sprat’s Head and it’s variations. This particular version is way tooooooooooooooo much fun to stitch!! I must add that I did wait until my DH went to bed. He likes talking and with 88 stitches to count I knew it would be a real challenge for him to be able to keep still and me to stay on count! It really adds a great intricate focus along with the center. The piece is really coming together!
    Happy Stitching!!