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    The chapter Just hosted Diane Herrmann for a lecture on symmetry and design followed by a 2 day workshop for Diane’s needlepoint piece ‘Walking the Water’s Edge’. Fantastic opportunity!

    • Oh, our chapter is dying to do that workshop! Did you enjoy it?

      • It was wonderful! Diane gave a lecture the day before the workshop began, on symmetry and design, which members loved. I have zero experience with canvas work and this was a perfect way to get my feet wet. We all learned how to properly lay threads, how to create random eyelets on canvas, how to stitch beads onto canvas and how to create bullion knots on canvas. She also showed us how to use blending threads in order to create the hombre effect or shading from blue to white on the wave. Wonderful class, wonderful teacher, wonderful experience. She even provided tips on how a judge might critique your work. Hope ya’ll get to take it.

    • I love this piece of work. Where did she teach this class and is that pattern available?

      • Hi Pamela, Diane taught it to our chapter in Atlanta, but your chapter can contract to have her come teach it for ya’ll as well. Diane’s website can be found at www.http://dianeherrmann.com/ You should speak with your VP of Programs for your chapter about bringing her in. You’d have to ask Diane if you can buy the kit without taking the class.

    • If you check the Walking On Water’s Edge Facebook page, Diane announced she is teaching the course on a Royal Caribbean cruise on the Anthem in 2018 or 2019.