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    Does anyone on this list know what’s going on with the next Through the Needle’s Eye exhibit? Students in the Strut Your Stuff class want to know the submission deadline.

    • The executive committee is discussing the format of the next TNE. As soon as the details are ready, we will get back to you on the deadline question. Sorry for the delay…

    • Marnie, thanks so much.

    • Hi. I just want to chime in here as a member of Starlight Stitchers, who hosted the TNE exhibit last year. It was an amazing experience for us, to see such incredible works up close and personal. We do see great examples at the State Fair, for instance, but embroidery exhibits are few and far between, at least in our neck of the woods. The TNE brought in people who would never have thought of embroidery as art. And some of the works were just incredible when you saw them in person. For example, Chaos looked nice in the brochure. But once it was hung on the wall, it became a totally new experience. We would tell people to look at it up close and then to view it from different corners of the room, where it became almost 3D. The whole exhibit was really inspirational for us here in AZ.

    • I love hearing stories like this Helene! Thanks for sharing.

    • There will be a 22nd Through the Needle’s Eye Exhibit that will debut in 2021. Lots of details to work out still.

    • Celeste, do you hear the rounds of applause coming from this direction? Woooo! So, here’s some stitching motivation for all the talented folks in this class. Thank you for all you are doing as Director of Education, Celeste! It is much appreciated.