• Kristin Jakobson posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Buenas dias, Margaret. I have used backstitch before in stitching a needlework piece, but not quite in the way that you are using it in this piece. The instructions for using the backstitch in ending a thread is a little unclear. Is the thread cut off behind the canvas when ending or on front of the canvas as is done in the beginning when starting a thread?

    There is a mistake on page 4, Graph for Center Square-Lesson One: The inner Smyrna Cross stitch vertical border on the left, third stitch from the bottom, is missing the line denoting Stitch 3-4 of the Smyrna Cross Stitch.
    The forsythia and beauty bushes are in full bloom, and the tulips are blooming. Happy spring stitching.