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    I am currently doing Melinda Sherbring/ Ms. Aeowyn Amberdrake’s Sweet Bag GCC. Has anyone here done it? I would love to hear your experiences.

    • I’m getting ready to begin (signed up for Lightening Round). Found fabric in my stash this morning. Next up, choosing the most historical threads I can find.
      Came here hoping to find a discussion thread.

    • Hi! I also signed up to do the sweet bag. I have had a lot of delays and interruptions, and am a little discouraged about undertaking it solo, but it was the only way for me to get my hands into it. How has your project progressed so far?

    • want reply, but must need to get on the laptop This page is not mobile friendly .

    • And that took 24 hours to get to.
      I am almost done, Adrielle. I have finished the stitching, and put the Pulls and Strap on the bag Friday. Today I hope to start th lacing slits before coffee wears off. I don’t want to mess that up.
      Where are you in the process? Design traced? Changes to any butterflies/ creatures? Flowers done?
      I have to say, for all my worry about the Plaited Braid Stitch, after the first 3 inches I loved it. Others in and out of the EGA community have said they agree it is daunting. But once you get the rhythm… I am so looking forward to the delivery of One More Spool of Gold.
      THAT is a worthwhile note: I had to order another spool each of Gold and Silver, because I did too many practice Tassels, or was generous in my winding for tassels, loops and pulls on the Practice Bag. Also I may have let too many friends try Plaited Braid last autumn…