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    An update from my first post……A couple weeks ago I finally got a start on Hazel Blomkamp’s Norman, the turtle. The design is a bit smaller as I am using the one in the picture attached to practice the stitches, most of which are new to me, before starting on the larger design. Finished the EGA #bewellandstitch Stitch-a-Long cross stitch. Thought I would make a needle case, but that thought has morphed a few times into “something else.” I am now thinking of how it would look as a lavender sachet pillow with some heirloom type elements incorporated into the finished product. So….how to make my heirloom stitches complement the “folksy” look of the design with the fabrics I have on hand – this will probably morph again. Finished re-sketching Trish Burr’s Spartan Iris and am letting that rest until I like what I see in the re-draw. Had to stop embroidery for a while and make masks and do some bread baking. After waiting one year I am still waiting for our workshop/studio construction to be completed, (long story). I am getting very anxious to move furniture and boxes and bags of supplies stored everywhere in the new house into the studio workspace. During this interlude, I have also been knitting. Found this beautiful fingering yarn on Knitpicks and am stitching a very simple baby coverlet, attached pic. Now my mind is spinning on a complementary snuggle blanket with embroidery to go with the coverlet. Continuing with my sketching practice by working on a design of grapes and leaves to do in goldwork. Keeping busy and enjoying all the pics of everyone elses lovely works of art.

    • Hi Janice, Love your Norman I have the book and have been wanted to do the Ostrich keep us posted on your progress. What did you use for transferring the design?

      Jamie Cerda

    • Hi Jamie, Thank you. I printed out the design on regular copy paper, then traced the design on the back of the paper with one of the Sublime Stitching Iron-On transfer pens. Then ironed the design onto the linen. Kind of funny….Yesterday, I enlarged the design to about 8 x 10 inches but with the threads suggested for the needleweaving, I am only getting one portion of the design pattern to show. I wonder how large Hazel’s design was, or if she used much, much smaller threads for her original pattern as the picture in the book shows several design repeats. Will be working on Norman today.