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    So I have a question for everyone are you a one project at a time person or like me multiple projects on the go?

    • Somewhere in between. I have a gazillion projects in all stages from haven’t opened the pack yet, to fully kitted and ready to start, to partially stitched but was replaced by a new project, to almost finished or even totally finished but not yet mounted for framing. At this time, I’m trying a new system I described last week where I’m rotating between three projects, theoretically every day. The ‘every day a different project’ isn’t rigid, but it is good to feel eager to return to yesterday’s project when I make myself pick up one of the other projects today. It seems to keep everything fresh. Plus I keep thinking about projects #4, #5, and so on.

    • I usually have several projects going all the time. They are not all embroidery…..some are knitting, crochet, quilting (some of which include embroidery), EGA Chapter projects, and several embroidery projects in different or combined techniques. I also have several quilt tops waiting for quilting and binding. Then, I am also branching out into learning design components and drawing. I will be starting Fall and Winter projects soon as I want to participate in some of the artist fairs later in the year and need to have a little inventory to sell. Keeps me focused and happy to be doing something with my hands. I’m kind of obsessive about that.

    • For me it is one main project at a time. I haven’t learned how to split my attention between several projects. I do have small travelling projects (but who’s going anywhere these days?). I like having all my threads/tools for a particular project out and available and it is always exciting thinking about “what’s next!”

    • Janet, how do you manage your rotational stitching with your Master Craftsman work? Is it part of your 3, or in addition to?

    • Jamie, way too many projects in the works:) I also practice a type of rotational stitching. I have easier projects that I stitch in the evening after work when I’m just looking for the relaxation of stitching. Other more challenging projects are saved for weekend/larger chunks of time.

    • Beth: They are #1 and #2 of the 3 projects currently in the rotation. The 3rd and 4th (I know, it’s only supposed to be 3) are the GCC (Barbara Seuss’ pink Temari balls) my chapter started before our world changed and Kim Sanders’ Peace from Set 4 of the National Outreach Project.

    • I usually have one larger project and any number of smaller ones going at the same time. Sometimes I just can’t focus on the large one and that is especially true during these strange times. I like Janet’s plan of a rotation. I may have to try that.

    • I usually have 3 or 4 projects going at a time. I rotate between easier ones, and I have 2 full coverage pictures in progress. One is a Mystic Stitch and one is a HAED quick stitch. This way I can keep a variety of projects available, depending on the mood I’m in.