• Eileen Bennett posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hmmmm, not sure where the post for the Flat Stitch base and Buttonhole Bar stem went so will repeat:
    Page 23, Acorn base is worked with a Flat (Satin) Stitch. There are 8 legs of varying lengths. Not a difficult stitch to do. When I have 2 or more ply in the eye of my needle, I use what is called ‘plying;’ that is I work between the plies of my thread which creates a smoother lay of my threads on the linen. Plying keeps the threads from twisting and they lay side by side (railroading) on my linen. Actually, for every stitch I do with 2 or more plies of thread in my needle, I use this technique. Yes, it slows my stitching speed down a bit but I’m not in a race with anyone so I go for the look of my work rather than the speed of my work. Try it, I think you will agree, especially in this area of Flat Stitches.
    The stem of the acorn is worked with a Buttonhole Bar. I packed (side by side not on top of each other) 10 to 12 Buttonhole stitches on the 3 laid threads which creates the stitch to ‘warp’ or twist giving a naturalist look to this stem. This is another one of those ‘fun stitches’ to do.