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    I love it that we have a regional seminar and I had a really great time in Dearborn this year. I am concerned that half of the classes for 2020 out of 14 are counted canvaswork.
    I’m just not sure this is the right message. Is this the most important technique that the EGA and our region in particular, wants to promote?

    • Hi, Carol! Even though half the pieces are counted canvas, I was really happy to see that there is a crewel embroidery class, mixed media, stumpwork and ribbon embroidery. And, while I am NOT a beader, I do love the pansy necklace. The challenge that seminars have in offering classes is that attendees register for counted classes in large numbers. We surface embroiderers just have to keep signing up for classes and encouraging our friends to do the same. I’m trying to teach some “counted” friends of mine surface embroidery in our quieter moments. I hope you and I will be in class together next year.

      • Hello Carol, I’m the Faculty Chair for 2020. Wendy has given a very good view of the challenge to get a faculty together from the proposals we received. We tried to get a mix of techniques that would appeal to the most people. There is a lot of counted canvas but the classes break down into different focus from Bargello, to color and design, to stitch emphasis.
        Thank you for your concern for our region.

    • Carol, As the Seminar Coordinator for the Great Lakes Region, the subject is certainly on our minds each year as we select projects for our participants. Our challenge is that there are less and less embroidery” classes being presented to choose from each year, not to mention that those we do offer do not fill when we do offer them. Please encourage more teachers to develop and submit more for us to select and to encourage our stitchers in the future!

    • As a reformed counted person and as a past program chair for my guild I can relate. A starting point could be to get local chapters to introduce more surface and crewel embroidery as programs but that is challenging too. Participation was always greater when a project was a more “familiar” technique. Most of the petite projects are canvas or counted thread, too.

    • I am up for trying virtually anything to break the barrier between canvas and linen! Even if it means using blackwork on linen and then filling in pieces of the design with
      gold thread! I’m thinking also that if the meetings, which are almost always full of business, could spare half and hour and just watch someone do some goldwork or
      a really pretty small piece of crewel work. Also the very name “goldwork” sounds as
      though you have to spend a whole lot of money accumulating all the things necessary to turn out a cute piece that could be a Holiday ornament. I’m always looking for ways to stitch something useful and the cost is not much more than
      other stash we buy and you need virtually nothing to make something stunning!
      What do you all think? I’m looking for ideas!